Cloud myths or considerations


First of all, I’m not a techie luddite. I’m a huge fan of Cloud services and use them regularly both at home and for work purposes. But, I don’t believe in using cloud for clouds sake either. Often cloud is glamourized by IT, sales people and the press, into being the next best thing since sliced bread.

On the whole Cloud is advantageous, for several reasons, sometimes costs, simplification etc.  Especially now since working flexibly is becoming more and more of a requirement, for companies and clients alike. But there are oversights that can make people behave like the rumours of suicidal lemmings, one goes they all go.

All this article intends to do is to point out some all too obvious glaring oversights in venturing into the cloud, simply pointing out to concentrate on the journey rather than just the destination.

What’s your strategy?

Firstly do you have one?…

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