UK – US Relations ‘Special Relationship’

Politics and Current Affairs

An overview of UK – US relations developed over time.

Source: UK – US Relations ‘Special Relationship’

Anglo-American relationship is centristically important to Britain’s international policy. Since WWII the need for American relations was paramount in aiding Britain’s economics. [1]  The relationship was co-operative on economics and strategic for shared identities reinforced by common hereditary, environment and will [2]  but differentiated by changes in their international roles and perceived threats. [3] 

It was Churchill who popularised the term and that wanted nothing to prejudice the relationship. He saw the nation as a fraternity and wanted to preserve the special status. [4]  Diplomatic relations were decisive in upholding the special relationship however the quality of collaboration depended on the individual diplomatic relations. [5]  The U.S did not favour the relationships just because of British influence. [6] 

However close America and Britain may often seem, the have always preserved individual notion interests…

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