Increase RAM in Android Mobile phone using SD Card.

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Today i am introducing a way to increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card. Android which is the best mobile OS till now and already got a big mark with its feature and increasing number of smart phones based on Android. About 75% smart phone in the world are based on Android. And also there is increase of heavy application that require more Ram. So, either change the phone or use this method to increase RAM of Android phone.
There is large Android phone range from 4000 Rs to 40000 Rs. The difference in range is due to their hardware otherwise you can find a same Android version on a 4000 Rs mobile that a 40000 Rs Smart phone is using. This is because Google Android is Open source and is free.

The major problem with these Android phone is they stuck and main reason behind…

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Three Types of FinTech Companies

News and Trends in Financial Services

The battlefield for financial Services  is changing, however, as technology advances and new players emerge. The marketplace is also restless, demanding more from legacy and emerging institutions.

Banks have always fought to gain power and market share, knowing their competition and serving a marketplace that had relatively few choices.

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