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10 hidden Android M features Google didn’t discuss in its I/O keynote


Google on Thursday unveiled Android M, its newest major Android release that focuses on significantly improving the overall user experience. The company talked on stage about a bunch of new features, including new ways to manage app permissions, battery improvements, Android Pay support, fingerprint sensor support, and new Google Now capabilities. But there are plenty of other Android M features under the hood that Google didn’t have time to properly explain, and some of them are really quite interesting.

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Video: Google has already created mobile payments tech that’s cooler than Android Pay


Google unveiled Android Pay on stage during its Google I/O media event, and it seems the service will largely work like Apple’s own wireless payments service. More interestingly, however, is that Google seems to already have come up with an even cooler idea for a mobile payments service that could one day replace Android Pay

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Stunning timelapse video shows One World Trade Center being built from the ground up in 2 minutes


It’s taken quite some time for One World Trade Center to be built from the ground up, although an incredible new video posted by EarthCam makes it seem like it happened in just over two minutes. The video takes 11 years’ worth of still photos from the site of One World Trade Center and shows it being gradually built up from the ruins of the old World Trade Center that was destroyed by the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

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Warning: You should be using a VPN service to protect your privacy, but not this one


Hola is a free VPN service that has millions of users around the world, but you should stop using it right away if you’re one of them. An increasing number of reports suggest the service has actually used its customers to create a massive botnet.

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