The rooftops of Paris – Opéra Garnier

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The Palais Garnier is a 1,979-seat opera house, which was built from 1861 to 1875 for the Paris Opera. It was originally called the Salle des Capucines because of its location on the Boulevard des Capucines in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, but soon became known as the Palais Garnier in recognition of its opulence and its architect, Charles Garnier. The theatre is also often referred to as the Opéra Garnier, and historically was known as the Opéra de Paris or simply the Opéra, as it was the primary home of the Paris Opera and its associated Paris Opera Ballet until 1989, when the Opéra Bastille opened at the Place de la Bastille. The Paris Opera now mainly uses the Palais Garnier for ballet.

The Palais Garnier is “probably the most famous opera house in the world, a symbol of Paris like Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, or the Sacré…

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Empire Avenue Donors – Thank you so much

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Please find below the list of the generous Empire Avenue Leaders who helped so many players to become EA Leaders too.

Sir Rudiger and some amazing players are going to run a lot of invest missions in order to thank those generous donors. As promised, I’ll invest 100 millions eaves in invest missions for those donors, starting today.

A list of players running invest missions for those donors is available at the bottom of this article.
If you want to participate in this ‘thank you’ operation, please leave a comment with your ticker and the URL(s) to your invest mission(s).

ABCHEIKH Ahmed Ben Cheikh
AJEET AjeeT Singh
ALBERTOM Alberto Marques
ALOE1 Stockton Aloe 1
APACARADA Arber Pacarada
BERRIEPELSER BerArt Visual Design
BOOKMIDWIFE The Book Midwife
BOUCHAC Zbynek Kysela
CASHCONNECT Charles Carboneau
CHAOSCAT James Campbell

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Time Warner Cable can dramatically boost your Internet speed at no cost… but only if Google Fiber’s around


In the past we’ve often marveled at how quickly real competition can get incumbent ISPs to really up their games. Our latest example, via Redditor Xeppo, is Time Warner Cable’s vow to “transform TV and Internet experience in the Charlotte area.” Not coincidentally, Charlotte is one of the markets where Google Fiber this year announced it’s expanding to.

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