Quei 22 milioni in più per Micheli.

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Quando Francesco Micheli si muove bisogna alzare le antenne. Il 78enne finanziere parmense d’origine e milanese di adozione, raffinato melomane, ideatore del festival musicale MiTo, è uomo dalle forti relazioni e dai grandi affari. Nell’ultimo periodo è posizionato vicinissimo al premier Matteo Renzi, tanto da essere stato ospite del matrimonio del suo superconsigliere Marco Carrai; ma Micheli è stato prima vicino a Silvio Berlusconi e ancor più in la ai potenti della Prima Repubblica. Già “enfant prodige” della finanza della Montedison di Eugenio Cefis, poi scalatore della Bi-Invest di “Carletto” Bonomi, poi ancora ideatore con Silvio Scaglia di eBiscom e della sua miliardaria quotazione, e ancora “raider” della Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura di Giovanni Auletta Armenise…
Micheli è un pezzo importante della finanza italiana. Ecco perché quando si muove bisogna tenerlo d’occhio. Qualche giorno a Milano nello studio di via Agnello del notaio Carlo Marchetti, figlio del famoso Piergaetano, si è…

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Beware: Downloading the hacked Sony Pictures docs could bring the feds to your door


The Sony Pictures hack is like “The Fast and The Furious” series, in that it feels like it might go on forever. The hackers got their hands on a ridiculous amount of data from the Hollywood studio and have been releasing it in waves online, labeling each new release “Gift of the GOP.” GOP stands not for the political party but “Guardians of Peace,” the name the hackers have given themselves. The newest releases, posted to Github on Monday and Pastebin on Wednesday, were titled “Their Privacy” and contained the emails of Sony Pictures honchos Amy Pascal and Stephen Mosko, as well as the inbox of the company’s top lawyer.

The hackers claim they’ll stop the leaks if Sony Pictures immediately stops “showing the movie of terrorism that threatens regional peace,” which we can assume is James Franco and Seth Rogen’s “The Interview,” a comedic film about journalists who are asked…

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YouTube Gets A Built-In GIF Creator



Remember back in November of last year, when I wrote that YouTube needed to build their own tool for making GIFs from videos? Some called me crazy. Many, however, agreed completely.

It seems YouTube agreed, too. YouTube is now quietly rolling out its own GIF maker.

It doesn’t seem to be enabled on all videos just yet, but it’s definitely there for some. Take, for example, pretty much any video from PBS’ Idea Channel (as spotted first by Andy Baio). Click to one of their videos, hit the share button, and GIF away.

GIF creation through the tool is quite simple: tap the share button, set your start/end points, set any captions you might want, and create away. The tool is SUPER fast, and YouTube hosts the GIFs themselves.

The final look of the tool isn’t too unlike the mockup I did back with that first post

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