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Local SEO: Ranking Your Website For Multiple Locations

Kamal Bennani Photography

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It’s becoming the drill for local businesses: another day, another marketing effort to connect with your audience.

You churn out social media update after social media update, blog post after blog post – trying to attract customers and prospects who go online in any way possible.

But your efforts continue to bring mere results.

Granted, there are no shortcuts, your efforts on the web needs to place your business in a particular kind of role relative to your audience.

Enter Local SEO

This is where local SEO (search engine optimization) tops the list of what you should be doing as a business owner trying to attract customers.

Let’s face it, search engine optimization matters — especially for local businesses that want to generate more leads or sales. However, traditional SEO isn’t enough if you are a small business that’s targeting a localized audience.

For a more tailored approach, it is…

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